Home staging: enhancing a property with marketing strategies

Have you ever heard about Home staging? The literal meaning of this English term is styling and furnishing a property for sale in such a way as to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers. This discipline was born in the United States by Barb Schwarz, creator of a technique that mixes art furniture and real estate marketing strategy. The goal is to make potential buyers love a property at first glance. Read the article about this trend in the real estate industry.

What is home staging?

Interior design and real estate marketing are the fundamental elements of home staging. This activity combines the aesthetic and technical skills of furniture with the enhancement and promotion of real estate. The goal is to transform each property into an object of desire.

How? Thanks to the decor with attention to detail through the use of highlights, exclusive fabrics, specific palettes, but also scented candles, and everything that can make those who visit the property feel at home. Home staging is a strategy to leverage emotions and people’s desires.

Home staging before and after

Home staging is an activity that can be carried out for both residential and non-residential properties, transforming each property into an attractive property. The techniques to put it into practice are many, but everything starts from a first image consultation to analyze the current state of the property, or the “before”.

We then move on to the definition of the strategy for identifying the activities to be implemented, in order to enhance the property from the point of view of the image. The analysis serves in fact to define the style to be realized and the way to do it. That is the “after”, that is the property furnished and improved through the intervention of home staging.

Marketing strategies to enhance a property

Working with a home staging strategy that is limited to furniture, however, is not enough to ensure the achievement of the goal of selling or renting the property. This must be accompanied by an online and offline real estate marketing strategy, able to really promote the property.

Enhancing every environment with new and creative furnishing elements, in fact, must go hand in hand with an equally strong marketing strategy developed exclusively and tailored to the needs of each seller.

Custom Real Estate marketing services by Studio Immobiliare Sì

Studio Immobiliare Sì team, a real estate agency in Pistoia and Agliana, has developed a series of custom real estate marketing activities, to ensure each customer service is in line with their needs. Each property, whether a house or a commercial fund, is unique and must be assessed and submitted.

To do it in the best way, we make:
drone shots, virtual tours of the properties, the view of the floor plans, guided house tours to discover the properties, and professional photographic services promoted through marketing strategies. Contact us, and we will develop the custom promotion for your property.