The three stages of selling and buying a property: proposal, compromise, notarial deed

The sale and purchase of a property is an important moment, as it involves the discovery of a large number of documents, as well as separate stages and professionals (such as real estate agents, technicians and notaries) to rely on. All figures that must be prepared, reliable and also available at preliminary meetings (which do not involve additional costs) to clarify any doubts and concerns.
That’s why we have written this guide on the three stages of selling and buying a property that, step by step, will effectively explain how to extricate yourself in the real estate industry and get a successful transaction.

What is a real estate proposal?

When we talk about the process of buying property, the first step is to clarify what is the real estate proposal: the formal document in which the offer for the house to be purchased is defined, accompanied by a check that works as a deposit.

Usually, the document is drawn up by the real estate agent, and then defines the economic offer of the buyer. If the proposal is accepted by the seller, it becomes binding. It means that neither the seller nor the buyer can turn back. If the buyer changes their mind, he will lose the deposit. If the seller takes a step back, the buyer must pay double the deposit received.

Compromise or preliminary sale: what is it?

The compromise, also known as a preliminary sale, is the next step after the proposed purchase. It is a real contract between seller and buyer, which contains the agreements provided for in the purchase proposal. In addition to the timing, put it in writing for the conclusion of the act.

The compromise is also followed by the payment, always by the buyer, of a second deposit to be paid to the seller. Again, the real estate agent is in charge of the deed.

Notary deed: the final phase of the sale of the property

The notary deed is the third and final phase of the sale of a property. Unlike the first two, followed by a real estate agent, the deed takes place in the study of a notary, who has the function of a public official.

The deed is the act that determines the definitive transfer of ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. For this reason, the notary carries out the so-called “adjustment function”, translating into a contract the shared wills of the parties, to the extent permitted by law.
Within the contract are defined the key aspects of the act, such as the value of the property and the method of payment, which the notary proceeds to register.

Rely on real estate professionals

Generally, to better deal with the sale and purchase of a property, you have to rely on professionals in the sector. Only in this way, in fact, there is the guarantee of obtaining reliable and quality services, realized according to the needs of each one.

As with any other act, there is no equal form for everyone. For this reason, each customer must demand from the professional a personalized and appropriate intervention to the needs of the parties.

Over the years, Studio Immobiliare Sì has built an important know-how thanks to a team of professionals with specific skills and verticalized the different stages of the purchase process. For the entire search and selection of a property, until the compromise, you will be followed by a contact person dedicated to you, who will accompany you listening to your needs and desires and answering your every doubt.