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As a real estate agency in Pistoia and its province, we deal with the sale and rental of real estate while remaining faithful to the values of professionalism, seriousness, and competence that have always distinguished us.


From the foundation to dissemination in the territory

Studio Immobiliare Sì was founded in 2007 by the entrepreneurial idea of Mattia Fabbri, who opened his first headquarters in the center of Pistoia. Building on his experience in the field, Mattia then surrounded himself with collaborators who shared his work ethic, succeeding in passing on to them his company vision. The result is an agency in which professionalism, dedication, organizational ability, and preparation are values shared and applied by all.

Over time, thanks to the dynamic attitude and strong dedication of those who work within the studio, the agency has managed to earn a prominent role in the real estate scene of the territory of Pistoia positioning itself as a leading company in the real estate sector in Pistoia.

2018 is a decisive year for Studio Immobiliare Sì, marking the beginning of a growth path determined by the acquisition of an important agency in the territory of Pistoia: Corti Immobiliare. The union of the two realities has led Studio Immobiliare Sì to expand its client portfolio and its property offer. This growth has determined the development of the organic and the consequent transfer in the current headquarters: via Attilio Frosini, 70 in Pistoia.

In 2022, the agency has expanded further by opening a second headquarters in Agliana, just a few steps from the city center. This choice was born from the need to respond to a high demand for properties by users, registered in the municipality of Agliana and the surrounding areas. The Agliana office is well-structured, with employees with a wide range of knowledge ready to listen and welcome customers, following them step by step in the real estate negotiations.

The Studio Immobiliare Sì, to date, has well-defined objectives of constant growth and expansion, with the aim of bringing its philosophy and its working methods to other municipalities of the territory.

Numbers of Studio Immobiliare Sì

+ 800
Properties for sale
+ 300
Properties for rent
+ 150
Selected properties on the site
+ 2000
Satisfied customers
+ 23400
Owners properties
+ 5000
Property requests

Our customer relationship

Anyone who turns to our firm finds a team of professionals, competent and motivated with extensive organizational skills and a preparation in regulatory matters that allows them to answer any question or technical need related to the property. Our employees have solid working backgrounds, which have provided them with the right notions perfecting them from a technical and relational point of view, thanks to proven and gained experience in important business contexts, both in real estate and in sales and banking.

The agency makes available to customers all the its experience, in order to be able to direct them to more conscious and appropriate choices according to their needs, accompanying them with maximum serenity and transparency throughout the purchase process, real estate sale, or lease.


Professionals united by the same mission

The company’s mission is solid and strongly shared by all the staff that work there: to offer a complete consultancy assisting the customer step by step and maintaining priority for the development of the property, aware of the high value of the properties that our work deals with and the fact that for many customers the purchase or sale of a property is a long-term commitment, a source of important sacrifices, and therefore to be managed with the utmost attention and care.

The Studio Immobiliare Sì also manages the sale and repurchase of real estate, an often complex process that requires well-developed work skills and organizational skills, which, if well implemented, make the entire process linear for customers.

The experience gained in the estate field and the specialization of all employees have distinguished the company since ever. Those who rely on the studio find a dedicated and specialized consultant who will accompany them throughout the process: from the selection of the properties to the preparation of the necessary documentation to the negotiation, from the visit to the real estate transaction.

Part of the time is then spent by all our employees for constant professional improvement, through direct comparisons and targeted meetings. The agency is, in fact, a dynamic and collaborative environment, which offers a large margin of growth, reflecting positively on customer satisfaction.

Our team

Mattia Fabbri CEO & Founder

Mattia is the CEO and founder of Studio Immobiliare Sì. With almost 25 years of experience in the real estate sector, in 2007 he decided to pursue an entrepreneurial career creating his own company based on the values of professionalism, seriousness, and transparency towards the customer, who guide him in the work, consolidated by the all-round knowledge of the trend of the real estate market acquired over the years.
Every day, he transmits to its employees its corporate vision, providing a concrete and always present support to create a solid foundation for continuous growth and expansion in the territory.

Marica Venuta Chief Operating Officer - Real Estate Agent

Marica is the Studio Immobiliare Sì Chief Operating Officer. She takes care of the management and control of the correct performance of the different areas in the company: from the back office to the rental and sales sectors, showing herself to be a key reference figure for the entire studio. She is also the contact person for relationships with property owners and property valuations. After graduating as a surveyor, she qualified as a technician and practiced the profession for six years, resulting in the real estate sector, with the qualification of agent in 2011. This solid foundation has allowed her to develop a specific awareness of the sector, consolidated over the years.



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