To sell and buy residential and non-residential properties, Studio Immobiliare Sì provides the professionalism and experience of its dedicated consultants. Experts who accompany the client in every single phase of the negotiation, with the aim of listening to their requests, understanding their needs and guaranteeing a serene experience: a personalized service tailored to each individual customer and their needs.

Buying and selling properties in Pistoia

We are well aware that for many clients the process of buying or selling properties is an important experience. For this reason, the agency manages each negotiation with the utmost attention and care, assisting and supporting people with services suited to their needs.

Each step is taken care of by a large team with well-defined roles, capable of providing a competent, serious and reliable service, always guaranteeing the necessary confidentiality. The different positions of each professional are evident from the first meeting in the studio as throughout the rest of the negotiation.

There is always a dedicated consultant at each client’s side, ready to provide advice and support to build together the path that best responds to individual needs, developing a strategy that leads to success and to the best possible transaction.


For the seller

Experience and listening make the difference. This is why those who rely on Studio Immobiliare Sì will have a team of professionals at their disposal and a series of personalized services for the enhancement and promotion of their property, the optimization of the sales price and the correct positioning on the reference market.

The correct valuation of the property is only the first step. This service, entrusted to an internal collaborator specialized in evaluations and expert of the local real estate market, will carry out an evaluation on objective parameters, but also on a history of the negotiations concluded in the area. The creation of a technical sheet, which describes and maximizes the value of the property, highlighting all its strengths, is the next step that kicks off the promotion.

Each communication, sales and digital marketing strategy is tailored to the needs of the seller and can count on different channels capable of reaching the target audience: website, social channels, newsletters, virtual tours. The property is enhanced thanks to a professional photo shoot, able to impress the potential buyer.

The team of our studio also takes care of finding the necessary documentation for the sale of the property, drafting the purchase proposal and any preliminary sale agreement, and then arriving at the signing of the notarial deed. All this by facilitating and managing the bureaucratic process that characterizes the sale, interfacing with professionals, credit institutions and notary firms, but also – if necessary – trusted legal consultants and technical consultants. The client will only have to rely on experienced real estate agents, achieving a successful transaction


For the buyer

The property tailored to the needs of each person exists, you just need to know how to look for it. This is why the starting point of any research is listening to the buyer’s requests. A careful analysis, entrusted to those who have been carrying out this research for years, will result in a selection of properties that respond precisely to the needs expressed.

Studio Immobiliare Sì has at its disposal a large database of properties available on the market, but it is always the people who carefully take care of refining the research, to propose the solutions most in line with the client’s wishes.
A dedicated agent will support people in the selection and in every visit to the properties, ready to clarify doubts and provide technical and regulatory information.

In fact, before each proposal, in-depth checks and analysis are carried out on the cadastral and urban planning documentation, up to the verification of the presence of any constraints: the aim is to guarantee the buyer a serene and safe negotiation.

Once the desired property has been found, the team remains at the clients’ side to provide the necessary support for all the obligations preceding the purchase: documents for the transfer of ownership, drafting of the purchase proposal and any settlement, accompanying every passage until the signing of the notarial deed.
Over the years, Studio Immobiliare Sì has also built a network of relationships with external professionals of proven professionalism who guarantee support from the point of view of financial and credit, legal, technical and notary consultancy to be involved in the property purchase process.



To meet the needs of clients, over the years, Studio Immobiliare Sì has also developed a series of after-sales services in order to guarantee a positive experience even when facing renovation and furnishing works.

In fact, the agency’s team can also coordinate the activities of professionals in the construction sector, surveyors, architects, engineers, but also consultants, interior designers and craftsmen able to find solutions to your needs. A partner institution is also responsible for managing and offering advice on transfer services for electricity and gas utilities.

Studio Immobiliare Sì is therefore at the side of each client, with experience and reliability even after the purchase of the property and for further consultancy.

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