The agency, in order to offer a complete service in every aspect, makes all the necessary support available to clients who need financial advice. In fact, we introduce them to reliable professionals and banking institutions selected for their reliability and seriousness, which have been operating in the area for many years now, aiming to facilitate sales negotiations.


Trusted advisors in the banking and credit sector

Part of the job of Studio Immobiliare Sì consists of providing all the assistance necessary to obtain financing.

The service offered by our agents goes beyond mere advice on which professionals to contact. In fact, they often deal with managing the relationships themselves. In the case of credit institutions, customer support also consists in finding the necessary documentation for the correct execution of the procedure, relieving it of all the bureaucratic burden and interfacing directly with the experts in question.

Real help

Mortgages and financing for the property of your dreams

The path towards obtaining loans and mortgages must be followed with scrupulous attention, for this reason Studio Immobiliare Sì wants its clients to be supported by the best professionals, who know all the facets and dynamics of the credit sector, and are capable to guide them towards the achievement of a satisfactory result.

Upon request, the agency takes care of selecting the best bank and credit advisors and organizing a meeting with them. The ultimate goal of the work is the complete satisfaction of the customer and the correct and linear success of the transaction.

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