Studio Immobiliare Sì has an entire team of professionals specialized in the management of all types of rents. Over the years, the agency has invested in training to consolidate a group of experts in the sector, the reference market, the different contracts available and the path of definition of the correct rent based on the best possible value of the property and the territory in which it is located.


Rental properties in Pistoia

Relying on Studio Immobiliare Sì means having a real team of experts in the rental sector, each with a defined role and specific tasks.  Starting from individual consultants dedicated in a diversified way to managing the client portfolio and visits to real estate, concluding contracts, managing all the bureaucratic burdens related to the passage, developing the paperwork, after-lease assistance, a Studio Immobiliare Yes Every step from the search for a rental property is followed by a different professional ready to respond to every need.

The activities of the study agents also include the management of relations between owner and renter. In particular, the property owner is offered only possible renters already selected and referenced, on which a credit check has been carried out previously. If necessary, Studio Immobiliare Sì also activates external consulting paths from a legal, technical and document retrieval point of view.


For the lessor

Tranquility and customer satisfaction is the prerogative of Studio Immobiliare Sì: that’s why through an entire dedicated team the goal is to deploy services to address every negotiation that regulates the leases with the proper serenity for the owners of the properties.
For the same reason, Studio Immobiliare has also successfully started complete management of the rent, aimed at the continuous profitability of the property. This means that, whenever the property is left free from previous renters, the agency team goes back to identifying new tenants, thanks to the previous experience related to the property.

First of all, the experience of an internal professional specialized in the valuation of real estate valuations, who for years has known and lived the market of the territory, is a factor that makes the difference to define the best possible rent for the property. This assessment is based not only on objective parameters, but also and above all on the history of the negotiations concluded in that same area previously.

The consultant will work on the professional form in which to present the property through its strengths, before publishing it on the offer catalog, which can be consulted by potential selected tenants. The promotion and communication strategy of each property varies according to the needs expressed by the owner. The promotion can always count on the digital channels of Studio Immobiliare: from the website to the newsletter, and social accounts.

For the selection of reliable and verified tenants, the agency carries out preventive checks on work activity, income capacity, presence of real estate, any negative acts and thorough checks on the applicant’s past locations. In this way, you can select only suitable people, so as to better protect property owners who rely on the agency.

Also for the protection of the owner, Studio Immobiliare indicates the most appropriate types of contract, also managing what concerns the procedures for the issuance of the certificates necessary for contracts at agreed rent (certificate of certification) and any endorsement of the contract through the trade associations. The consultants are also available to assist in the conclusion of the lease and for the registration of the acts.


For the tenant

All those who are looking for the property for rent and rely on Studio Immobiliare Yes can consult the wide selection of properties we have and compare with a dedicated consultant, ready to collect requests and features necessary for the identification of the property tailored to your needs.
Thanks to careful listening and an in-depth analysis of the managed real estate portfolio, the agency team selects only the most suitable properties and in line with the expressed needs.

Among those proposed, the customer can select a list of visits where people will be accompanied by a dedicated consultant, available to clarify doubts and provide any type of information. Also in this case, the support of professional agents guarantees a complete service during all the phases of the negotiation: from the collection of the documentation to the proposal of lease and the conclusion of the contract, with the consequent registration.


After rental

As well as for after-sales services, Studio Immobiliare Sì also has a team of consultants specialized in after-rental assistance to stay at the side of customers ensuring the necessary support. Relying on the agency team means being accompanied step by step in the management of technical, legal and bureaucratic needs, but also in the reminder of deadlines, implementation of renewals, resolutions, fiscal options to dry coupon, payment of taxes and communications to the Revenue Agency.

A partner agency is also responsible for managing and offering advice on electricity and gas services for new tenants. In this way, all the time saved in the management of bureaucratic aspects, can be dedicated to the new house and the certainty of living it in peace.

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